Our Mission is to provide an exciting, safe and structured atmosphere for children and young adults offering the highest standard of programming for their education and enrichment. We are committed to ensuring that our programming is accessible to all including the underprivileged.


The family home of Marie Josephine Clarke, a lawyer and educator was abandoned and mistreated for fourteen years due to the country’s civil  war. In 2005, Shoana Cachelle, grandchild of Marie Josephine, had a  vision for the house in all of its wreckage and decided to revitalize the space. In August of 2012, Cachelle International Creative Arts Center was founded in honor of her late grandmother, Marie Josephine Clarke, whose legacy lives on through the dreams of her granddaughter.


You can contribute to the Creative Arts Center facility and its many  programs by becoming a sponsor to a community child, or make in-kind contributions (ex: garden benches, computers, art supplies, toddler   instruments, etc.)


Students are given opportunities to grow through various programming options, such as:

Summer Camp Series: Character Building Camps
In an effort to reach out to more local Liberian children, Cachelle International launched a camp formed to motivate, educate, and uplift the youth of Liberia. With the help of supporters these camps will be held throughout the year on some weekends and during the week in the summer. The Lord has blessed us with such a beautiful center and it will be used for God’s work.

Afterschool Program
We collaborate with schools, organizations and agencies to bring tutoring and quality arts education into the community.

The Youth Employment Program
This program prepares teens and young adults for their work lives by training and employing them to mentor younger students, assist teaching staff, and serve in many administrative capacities.

Scholarship Program
This provides financial assistance to children from low-income families desiring to attend any of the on-site programs based on their academic status.

Work Study Program
The CICAC Work Study Program provides an environment for our CICAC students to volunteer as homework helpers, class assistant, assistant janitor, or event helper in exchange for classes. The student must be a high school graduate and be able to read and write.


A place that nurtures youth from diverse backgrounds to help them reach their full potential…

A place that provides youth the tools and guidance to develop positive self-esteem, healthy minds, and strong bodies.

A place for youth to excel far beyond their imagination.

This place actually does exist but we can’t do it without you.


Here are our greatest needs to help us expand our current programs:

  1. 10 laptop computers
  2. Outdoor tents for our recreational activities;
  3. Children’s books (preschool-12th grade)
  4. Playground equipment
  5. Preschool classroom supplies.
  6. School Van
  7. Scholarships


Donations and Sponsorships can be made payable to: Cachelle International

Line 1: +231.886.381.896 Line 2: +231.886.567.855
Email: info@cachelleink.com
Web: www.cicreativeartscenter.com